Episode #4 - We're Not Allowed to Invade the US

Following Dr. Charles Jones lecture on patriotism, Brad, Celina, Kenny, Sherry, and Will spent a long time discussion the topic. This episode runs a little long with the occasional rants. But let us know what you think in the comments section on the Humanist Agenda website.

Episode #3 - Patriotism for "Countryist"?

In this episode, Dr. Charles Jones discuss how we should think about patriotism. Patriots love their country and show special concern for their compatriots. But is patriotism morally legitimate? Loyalty to country or nation seems to be a powerful value, but putting your country first seems to violate equal concern for all human beings.

Dr. Charles Jones is a professor of political science at Western University. He specializes in contemporary political theory and the history of political thought, with an emphasis on global justice, human rights, freedom, and equality.

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